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IONIC Soil Grow 5L
IONIC Soil Grow 5L
Sunmaster 600W dual spectrum
Sunmaster 600W dual spectrum
While most standard High Pressure Sodium lamps emit light that is mostly towards the yellow-orange range of the light spectrum (Powerplant Super HPS), this Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp produces a mixed spectrum specifically for horticultural use. This lamp has an enhanced amount of blue light between 400nm and 550nnm. This encourages vegetative growth and aids in the development of young plants. Although its still not as good as using a separate Metal Halide Lamp for vegetative growth, the Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp provides a good middle ground for use throughout vegetative growth and flowering. Producing 90,000 lumens, the Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp is very high quality with consistently high output Average Life: 10,000 hours. To maintain a high lumen output we recommend you change your lamps every 9-12 months.
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 11 December, 2010.

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