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IONIC Soil Grow 1L
IONIC Soil Grow 1L
Контролно табло "Mini Grower"
Контролно табло "Mini Grower"
The Mini Grower is a complete controller for indoor growing systems with an artificial lighting. It defines the lighting interval for 9X600W lights, defines the watering interval by the GSE Water timer and regulates the climate by the GSE Temperature and negative pressure fan controller. All connections are wired to plugs with flap lid and can be controlled over a main switch integrate safety breaker 3x16A. Sizes and technical data's: Case: WxHxD = 200x430x95mm Connection 3 pole 16A with connector CEE16 Volt: 230V / 50Hz Front mounted: -Main switch 3x16A -24h timer with 36h power reserve 30min. setting -Digital second impulse timer 230V50HZ 10A breaking capacity. -GSE digital fan controller Relays: 4x16A 230V Protection class: IP44
Продукта е добавен в нашият каталог на събота 23 октомври, 2010.

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