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Green Sensation 5 L Промо
Green Sensation 5 L Промо
Давин Дигитален контролер за напояване
Давин Дигитален контролер за напояване
The Davin DV-101-D is a digital second-timer. You can use it to switch any device on or off for a few seconds. This is ideal for instance if you want to water your crop. You set for how many seconds the pump comes on and water your crop. You can use the DV101D to water the crop every quarter of an hour, for example. The DV101D is protected by a 6Amp thermal fuse. The thermal fuse ensures that the DV101D switches off with a short-circuit or overloading. the advantage of the thermal fuse is that when the problem has been fixed you only need to press the "reset" button and the DV101D starts working again. The DV101A works on 230v Max. power 6 Amp / 1350 Watt Max. 96 on-off switches per 24 hour Thermal protection
Продукта е добавен в нашият каталог на четвъртък 04 август, 2011.

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