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Vita Race 1 L
Vita Race 1 L
PK 13-14 1L
PK 13-14 1L
The secret of perfect fertilisers is found in the power of the elements, which in the right proportions can result in a miraculous symbiosis.

P-K Plus (13/14%) is a very clean mineral product that quickly supplies plants with extremely clean phosphor and kalium.

The powerful P-K Plus is directly absorbable, easy to dose both in surface and in EC and is also very economical in use. P-K Plus is a liquid, ballast-free fertiliser that truly gives you control of the elements.

Average use: Dilute 3 ml with 1 litre of water (e.c. of the solution: 1.4).
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 08 June, 2009.

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