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Vita Race 1 L
Vita Race 1 L
B'cuzz Blossom builder tabzz
B'cuzz Blossom builder tabzz
Bcuzz Blossom Builder Tabzz are 100% sizzling flower multipliers that ensure an explosive flower development in the flower phase. Bcuzz Blossom Builder Tabzz make sure that all the strength of the plant is directed towards the flowers at the end of the growth. The flowers become bigger, denser, they have a more intense smell and become heavier, which boosts your yield.

Soil, Hydro and Cocos

1 to 2 Bcuzz Blossom Builder Tabzz to 100 litre pouring water during the flower phase.

* Plants with a short flowering period: from the fourth week
* Plants with a medium flowering period: from the fifth week
* Plants with a long flowering period: from the sixth week

Directions for Use with 100 litre nutrient water

1. Fill you nutrient reservoir with clean water of some 20 Cº
2. Adjust the EC-value to 1.2 and 1.6 with your base nutrients (A and B nutrients or 1-component)
3. Do not add any PK 13-14
4. Then add 1 to 2 Bcuzz Blossom Builder Tabzz
5. Consequently fix the pH-value at 5.5/5.8
6. Your EC value is between 1.6 and 2.1

Keep out of reach of children, not intended for internal use, avoid contact with the skin. Store frost-free in a cool and dark place.
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 28 June, 2010.

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