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IONIC Soil Grow 5L
IONIC Soil Grow 5L
Grow Mix 50L
Grow Mix 50L
pH: 5,8 and 6,2.
EC: 1.4 and 1.6.

Plagron Grow-mix is a mix of the finest, carefully selected types of peat. It contains various types of fibre which results in a lightness and oxygen level you have come to expect only of Plagron quality potting soil. The abundant presence of unique Plagron worm compost ensures vigorous plant growth and increased water retention.

The nutrients that have been added to the Plagron Grow-mix consist of a carefully selected combination of fertilizers which meet all the needs of the plant during the first three weeks. Plagron Grow-mix is the perfect base for optimum growth and blooming and delivers the quality Plagron has been supplying for years. Also available with perlite.
Продукта е добавен в нашият каталог на понеделник 08 юни, 2009.

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