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Green Sensation 5 L Промо
Green Sensation 5 L Промо
ECO Diamond Diffusion Foil
ECO Diamond Diffusion Foil
Product Specification A silver / white grow sheet to allow increased light reflection whilst supplying a safe and secure environment for growing & PET coated to protect against corrosion & wear. A NON LIGHTITE PRODUCT. FOOD SAFE. PLANT SAFE PRODUCT. NON GASSING GUARANTEED. 1x1.25m CAUTION: Easy Grow Lightite & Eco Foils, contain layers of pure aluminium, which will therefore block or severally inhibit, mobile phone, radio & wireless broadband signals, from areas or objects which covered/coated with these products. ALWAYS CHECK FOR THE EASY GROW ''LIGHTITE'' OR ''ECO'' LOGO, EVERY FOOT OR METRE TOO ENSURE QUALITY, GUARANTEED FOIL.
Продукта е добавен в нашият каталог на вторник 31 август, 2010.

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