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IONIC Soil Bloom 5L
IONIC Soil Bloom 5L
Diamond Diffusion Foil Silver Lightite
Diamond Diffusion Foil Silver Lightite
Diamond diffused pattern to spread light more evenly. Produced to help eliminate grow room hot spots. 100% lightite (a true BLACK OUT, test it yourself!). PET coated to protect against corrosion and wear. With Membrane Memory to dramatically reduce creasing effect. FOOD SAFE. PLANT SAFE PRODUCT. NON GASSING GUARANTEED. Silver Lightite Diamond is over 5mil thick / 125 microns CAUTION: Easy Grow Lightite & Eco Foils, contain layers of pure aluminium, which will therefore block or severally inhibit, mobile phone, radio & wireless broadband signals, from areas or objects which covered/coated with these products. ALWAYS CHECK FOR THE EASY GROW ''LIGHTITE'' OR ''ECO'' LOGO, EVERY FOOT OR METRE TOO ENSURE QUALITY, GUARANTEED FOIL.
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 31 August, 2010.

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