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Green Sensation 5 L Промо
Green Sensation 5 L Промо
Воден таймер с датчик за светлина
Воден таймер с датчик за светлина
The Irrigation timer is used to control a pump to irrigate crops. This timer is ideal for scheduled Ebb & Flow systems and normal irrigation droplets or NFT systems. The pulse time and the interval time can be set separately for day and night irrigation. Depending on the model, the day/night switch on a photocell, or the power input is controlled. Sizes and technical data's: Size: WxHxD = 34x58x86mm Weight: 86g Volt: 230V / 50Hz I max. = 2A Protection class: IP20
Продукта е добавен в нашият каталог на събота 23 октомври, 2010.

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