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Vita Race 1 L
Vita Race 1 L
Blossom Builder Liquid 250ml
Blossom Builder Liquid 250ml
Blossom Builder Liquid is a finisher/hardener that should be used in the final 4-2 weeks of the bloom and riping stage of the plant.
It will maximize the structure of your fruits.

Blossom Builder Liquid contains a unique P: K ratio of 1 :1,5. Blossom Builder Liquid is suitable for all sorts of cultivation substrates like Soil, Hydro and coco and all irrigation systems. Directions for Use: Mix your usual base nutrients, then add 0.25 ml to 0.5 ml Blossom Builder Liquid per 1000 ml water in your reservoir. Dosage: 0.25 ml- 0.5 ml : 1000 ml Key Selling points : 1) Highly concentrated. 0.25 ml to 0.50 ml per liter nutrition solution. 2) Especially created for the final 4 to 2 weeks of the blooming phase. 3) When used correctly it can lead your flowers to strong, healthy, good looking and big flowers with a good weight and aroma. 4) Due to the unique formulation of Blossom Builder Liquid you will get the desired end results. 5) In a nutrition reservoir of 100 liter, you will only need a maximum of 50 ml of Blossom Builder Liquid
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 January, 2013.

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