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IONIC Soil Bloom 5L
IONIC Soil Bloom 5L
Canna Bio Rhizotonic 1L
Canna Bio Rhizotonic 1L
Canna Bio Rhizotonic is a 100% vegetable based organic root stimulator that can be used with seedlings, cuttings and poorly developed plants, to stimulate root growth and increase the plants resistance against illness and diseases. The ingredients contained in Canna Bio Rhizotonic are natural and are easily absorbed through the plant roots, which is why the growth and development of new roots is so quick. A truly, wonderful organic root stimulator, that will increase your plants ability to absorb the nutrients much better in the growth and flowering stage. Top Tip Canna Bio Rhizotonic can be used for any type of cultivation, soil, coco and hydroponics and also as a foliar and it works better alone for the first few days of use. How To Use Add 2 - 4ml per litre of water.
Продукта е добавен в нашият каталог на понеделник 04 февруари, 2013.

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