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IONIC Soil Grow 1L
IONIC Soil Grow 1L
Terra Bloom 1L
Terra Bloom 1L
GENERAL • Highly concentrated universal feeding for flowering. • Suitable for all types of potting soil. • Part of The TERRA concept®. EFFECTS • Guaranteed optimal flower formation. • Prevents deficiency symptoms during the flowering phase. • Provides an optimum balance between plant and fruit growth. • Has a hardening effect on the end product structure. • Promotes plant vitality. • Prevents diseases and stress. • Trace elements in chelate form guarantee optimum availability. APPLICATION / DOSAGE • Can be used with all types of soil. • Suitable for all watering systems. • 5 ml Terra Bloom® per litre of water (1:200). • Use every time you water the plants. PROPERTIES • N-P-K = 2-2-4 • pH 4.5 - 6.5 • Dissolves in water clearly and odourlessly. • Reduces the chance of plant casualties. • Increases yields. • Highly concentrated resulting in low use. • Absence of ballast materials reduces deposits on pots and the feeding tank. • Based on “food grade” bio-minerals. • Immediately absorbable. • Amazing results. Terra Bloom® Excellent flowering is the logical outcome of balanced growth and Terra Bloom® is the likewise the next logical step after using Terra Grow®. Terra Bloom® supports and promotes flower formation by using The TERRA concept®. The TERRA concept® 1. A sophisticated combination of Plagron’s top quality potting soil and compatible liquid fertilizers and additives. 2. Nutrients (without ballast materials) in an immediately absorbable form, aimed at the growth or flowering period. Please refer to the “Terra” growth schedule for a detailed explanation of The TERRA concept®. Disappearance of deficiency symptoms Thanks to its unique formulation Terra Bloom® works to counteract or even eradicate deficiency symptoms. Increased yields Plagron has specialised in developing “custom made” potting soil for more than 15 years. As a result, it knows exactly what a plant needs in the different phases of its life. This wealth of experience has come to fruition in The TERRA concept®. Terra Bloom® gives your plants precisely what they need without any need for concessions, resulting in healthy plants that can and will carry more fruit. Improved quality By using raw materials, that meet the highest standards, Plagron can guarantee Terra Bloom® only contains plant nutrients and no ballast materials. This is immediately noticeable in the end product’s taste and hard structure. Application guidelines Packaging: Available in 1, 5, 10 and 20 litre acid resistant bottles or containers. Hygiene: Only use pots and buckets that have been cleaned. Use: Terra Bloom® is part of The TERRA concept®. It is recommended that Terra Bloom® should be used in combination with other products from The TERRA concept®. However, Terra Bloom® can be used with all other potting soil and liquid fertilizers/additives. Terra Bloom® is intended for use in the flowering phase. Acidity: Terra Bloom® produces a solution with a pH of 4.5 – 6.5, depending on the water. Contamination of the feeding tank is reduced to a minimum. Water type: Terra Bloom® can be mixed with all types of water. Tap water is preferable. Solution: Terra Bloom® produces a clear solution with no sediment. Any calcium in the mains water remains in the solution. Colour: Terra Bloom® is colourless in both its concentrated and diluted forms. Feeding: It is recommended that Terra Bloom® is used during the flowering phase. Terra Bloom® contains all the nutrients needed for your plants to flower abundantly during the flowering phase. Dosage: 5 ml per litre of water (1:200) is the equivalent of 1 litre of Terra Bloom® per 200 litres of water. Keep to the precise dosage for optimum results. Bring the pH to 5.7 – 6.4 by using pH min or pH plus. Use a measuring jug or calibrated watering can to determine the correct quantity of water. Storage life: Undiluted: two years. Diluted: one month maximum, depending on the temperature. A temperature of 22º C and the use of a circulation pump are recommended. Do not mix the remains of an old solution with a fresh solution. Dosage: Terra Bloom® is suitable for all watering systems (ebb and flood, NFT, drippers etc.). Storage conditions: Store cool and free from frost. Safety: Do not allow the concentrated solution to come in contact with the eyes or skin. Store out of reach of children and pets (non toxic). Disposal of packaging: The packaging is made from recyclable materials. Composition: N (nitrogen total) 2.1% of which NO3 1.5% and of which NH4 0.6%, P2O5 (phosphorus acid anhydride) 1.6%, K2O (potassium oxide) 3.9%, Mg (magnesium) 0.48%, Fe (iron) 0.21%, Mn (manganese) 0.0091%, Mo (molybdenum) 0.000031%, Zn (zinc) 0.0051%, Cu (copper) 0.0012%, B (boron) 0.00039%.
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